Why Every Ecommerce 
Business Needs a Funnel
I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

It's REALLY HARD to convert ice cold traffic into sales in your ecommerce business.

Or is it?

Turns out there’s a little-known secret that enables ANY online store owner to make a 30%, 40% or even 100%+ ROI on cold traffic.

It has to do with an under-used "tool" that has the potential to literally explode the sales of virtually any ecommerce business…

..but few people are using, or even know it exists. 

At least yet.

As you may have figured out already, the secret is spelled Ecommerce Funnels.

(Sidenote: if you're an Amazon seller, stop here and go read this article instead. I wrote it specifically for you)

Experts are calling Ecommerce Funnels The Future of Ecommerce and it’s quickly transforming little online stores into million dollar powerhouses (I’ll share a few examples in just a minute).

Businesses that are smart enough to incorporate Ecommerce Funnels alongside their ecommerce store NOW are literally taking over their markets, leaving the competitors to fight for the scraps.

If you’re an Ecommerce business owner, implementing an Ecommerce Funnel can quickly turn your business around too, even if you’re hardly making any sales at all right now. 

So pay attention because I’m about to tell you all about it in this article.

Let’s delve in, shall we? :)
The BIG problem with ecommerce
Before I explain what an Ecommerce Funnel actually is and how you can put it to use in your business we need to set one thing straight.

It’s something that a lot of people who are trying to succeed online for some reason fail to understand. 

Here it is:

Getting traffic is EASY.

All you need to drive MASSIVE amounts of traffic to your site is:

1. A credit card (with money on it)
2. An advertising account (Adwords, Facebook Ads, etc)

Can we agree on that?

The real culprit is getting that traffic to convert into sales – and do so at a PROFIT.

The truth is, there’s a dirty little secret that isn’t often talked about in this industry:
Ecommerce stores SUCK at turning paid traffic into profit
Yes it’s true.

And it comes down to a simple fact:

Ecommerce stores aren’t optimized for large scale paid traffic.

Sending people from your ads directly to your homepage... ? 

Forget it, it won't convert.

Sending people directly to a product page... ? 

That may work when you’re bidding on long-tail ‘buyer keywords’ in Google Shopping/Adwords…
It really is fantastic traffic when you can get it, but here’s the problem: it’s generally pretty expensive (big brand stores like Amazon are driving up the CPCs) and it’s limited.

Even if you can achieve a positive ROI, query-based traffic is not scalable. There are only so many people out there searching for “silicone spatula” or “organic coconut soap”...

So listen...

I want what I’m about to say next to open your mind to new possibilities….

… to make you have a big AHA experience, just like I had when I discovered what I’m about to share with you….

Ask yourself THIS:

What if instead you approached your target audience with ONE GREAT OFFER?

I’m talking about an offer that has mass-appeal within your market, is optimized for conversion in a way that a regular product listing can never be…

...AND offers a customized shopping experience where people are given one or multiple options to add related products to their order after the initial purchase has already been completed?

The result?

Significantly higher conversions and higher Average Order Value (AOV).

Think you can take such an offer to Facebook or bid on more general, high-volume terms on Google Adwords and still turn a profit? 

You bet!

Think an offer like this could generate thousands of new customers in your business at a profit?


As famous internet marketing guru Russell Brunson use to say:

“You’re just ONE funnel away…”

... and it's true!

Once you have an offer that works, all you do is open the floodgates to paid traffic and the sky is the limit.
You may be a little overwhelmed right now, but hang on and I’ll share exactly how funnels work and how simple it can be to implement this cutting edge strategy in your business and experience massive growth as a result....
The ecommerce funnel explained
To put it as simply as possible, an ecommerce funnel is an offer that takes advantage of multiple cutting-edge strategies that, when combined, work together to massively increase conversions and order value.

Here’s what an ecommerce funnel looks like right next to a regular product in your ecommerce store:

Let’s go into each one of the elements that make an Ecommerce Funnel such a powerful tool for generating new customers from paid traffic:

The killer front-end offer
What is THE best offer you can make to your audience that will make them go “Yes, I want/need this!”

It obviously starts with a great product. Preferably something that isn’t too expensive. 

It needs to be an impulse buy.

Once you have decided on the product, you need a way for the offer to stand out

It could be a great discounted price, or possibly a fantastic bonus. Or why not BOTH?

The beauty of the funnel is that if you set it up the right way you can even LOSE a little bit of money on the front-end offer and still turn a profit on your ads as a result of the upsells.

And that's not counting any future sales you'll make from these new customers.

You may have heard people say it before, and it's very true:

The real money is in the backend.

The "big guys" do not care about making a profit on the front-end. They know that the real money is in the upsells – as well as sales that will take place in the future as a result of attracting new customers in your business.

If you want to achieve true success online you'll need to adopt the same mindset.

The order bump
Take a look at the checkout form in the Ecommerce Funnel in the comparison image above. 

That’s an easy way for people to add a complementary product to their order by simply ticking a checkbox.

This is an advanced Ecommerce Funnel “trick”. 

Simply offering an add-on product through this “order bump” in your funnel can often help you pay for your ads.

All the rest is pure profit.

That takes us right into...
The Upsell
Have you ever been to McDonald’s and been asked “Want fries with that?”

In case you’re unfamiliar with the term upsell, that’s what an upsell is.

Businesses in the offline world have been using upsells for a long time to significantly increase their Average Order Value (AOV).

Now, through the amazing invention of Ecommerce Funnels we’re able to use them in our online businesses.

You can make as many upsell offers as you want, but I recommend keeping it below three.

Want to know what makes upsells so effective online?

People do not need to enter their credit card details again in order to add the upsells to their order. 

Yes, all they need to do is click the “Add to order” button and the purchase is automatically added to their initial order behind the scenes.

What can you offer as upsells?

Depending on your front-end offer, offering more of the thing they just bought as the first upsell has proven to be one of the most high-converting upsell offers you can make.

Now, as you can imagine:

Once you have an Ecommerce Funnel in your business that incorporates all of the above...

... your AOV goes through the roof!

As a result, you can now finally start paying for massive traffic and still make a profit while pushing tons of new customers into your business.
Case Studies:
3 Ecommerce Funnels 
Making 7-Figures​
To boil it down to simple terms, when it comes to succeeding online, the business with the highest AOV wins.

The more you can afford to spend to acquire a customer, the more successful you’ll be.

Ecommerce Funnels are finally 
available to anyone
Until very recently it would have been very difficult and expensive to incorporate an Ecommerce Funnel in your Ecommerce business.

What’s so incredibly exciting about this whole opportunity is that advancements in technology now makes Ecommerce Funnels accessible to anyone.
We’re in the early stages of an 
ecommerce revolution
MOST ecommerce business owners have no idea what an Ecommerce Funnel is.

That spells OPPORTUNITY for people like you and I who are in on the "secret".

My prediction is that in a few years from now, EVERYONE will have a Funnel in their business.

We’re right on the brink of an ecommerce revolution.

Early adopters who are willing to take action on this opportunity will quickly take over their markets.
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